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TitleCategoryOfficeNumberIssue Date
Circulation of the Calendar for the one week In Service Training Programme 2018 to 19. CircularPersonnel Department6/04/2017-1Trg.26/12/2018
Extended the date of Long/Short Term foreign Training Programme under DFFT Scheme for the F.Y. 2019-20. CircularPersonnel Department7/02/2017-1Trg26/12/2018
Instruction regarding mandatory requirement of completion of MCTP Phase-III Phase-IV and Phase-V training Programme by IAS officers. InstructionsPersonnel Department5/03/2018-1Trg.19/12/2018
Circulation of the Calendar for the one week In Service Training Programme 2018 to 19. CircularPersonnel Department6/04/2017-1Trg.21/11/2018
Partial Funding of Foreign Study under the Plan Scheme of Domestic Funding of Foreign Training. CircularPersonnel Department7/01/2017-1Trg.19/11/2018
Circulation of Long and Short term foreign training programme under Domestic Funding of Foreign training (DFFT) Scheme for the year 2019 to 2020. CircularPersonnel Department7/02/2017-1Trg.19/11/2018
Mid Career Interaction between Armed Forces and Civil Service Officers during FY 2018 and 19. CircularPersonnel Department9/24/2011-1Trg.25/09/2018
Regarding revision of fee for Residential Training Programme at Bangalore for A officers during year 2018 and 19 Art of Living. CircularPersonnel Department10/02/2018-1Trg.29/08/2018
Two days Training programme by Art of Living on Government Executive Program as arranged by Department , Institute availing the programme for Public Servants in Haryana State. CircularPersonnel Department10/02/2018-1Trg.29/08/2018
One week Residential Training Programme at Bangalore for -A officers during the year 2018-19, on the topic of personal Excellence- Art of Living. CircularPersonnel Department10/02/2018-1Trg.19/07/2018
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