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TitleCategoryOfficeNumberIssue Date
Observation of Silence on 30th January InstructionsPersonnel Department46/1/95-5Pol24/01/2017
General Elections to the State Assemblies-holding of meeting with civil servants and police officers of the District Administration by the Chief Secretaries or other senior Secretaries-Reg. Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/28/2014-1Election30/09/2014
General Elections to the State Assemblies - Engagement of Child Labour in the Election Related Activities-Reg. Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/57/2009-1Election30/09/2014
General Elections to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, 2014 Prohibition on Sale of Liquor-Reg. Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/16/2014-1Election30/09/2014
General Elections to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, 2014 Grant of paid holiday to employees on the day of poll-reg Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/36/2009-1Election30/09/2014
General Election to Haryana Vidhan Sabha 2014 Model Code of Conduct Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/26/2014-1Elections12/09/2014
General Election to the State Legislative Assembly of Haryana 2014 Transfer orPosting of Officer regarding Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/20/2014-1Election23/07/2014
General Election to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha 2014 SEHYOG Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/75/2009-1Election23/07/2014
Applicability of Model Code of Conduct Display of advertisements and hoardings at the cost of public exchequer. Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/46/2009-IElection07/03/2014
Lok Sabha General Election 2014 Model Code of Conduct Notifications & OrdersPersonnel Department4/6/2014-IElection06/03/2014
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